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Colon Therapy:
$120.00 + GST = $126.00 per treatment.
(For best results a minimum of 2 or more consecutive treatments is recommended)

Therapeutic additives such as coffee, probiotics, chlorophyll, aloe vera, etc. are available for $20 + GST = $21 each (please request 24 hours beforehand)

FOR BEST RESULTS: The following is usually recommended (customized according to your goals and specific digestive challenges):

1. An oral pre cleanse protocol (using cleansing products available at most health food stores) which are taken 1-3x daily for 1 week prior to your first session.

* The pre cleanse products are designed to pre-scrub / loosen any accumulated material in the intestinal tract, as well as to increase bowel movements in preparation for the sessions.

2. Consuming a light / close to liquids diet (i.e. juices, broth, fruit /green smoothies, pureed vegetable soups, etc,) for 1 day/24 hours prior to your first session.

* The light / liquids diet is designed to ensure that we arenít just cleansing food in your system from the last 1-2 days)

3. Scheduling a minimum of 2 colon hydrotherapy sessions (scheduled on consecutive days) following steps 1 & 2 above.

* Note that additional sessions may be scheduled if necessary / desired (depending on your goals)

4. Supplementation of 'good bacteria' using oral probiotics (after your colon hydrotherapy sessions are complete)

* The pre cleanse protocol will be provided/further discussed and customized if necessary, at time of booking

Single sessions of colon hydrotherapy may also be booked, however note that they are more of an INTRODUCTION to colon hydrotherapy (for temporary relief of any recent constipation, gas, bloating, etc). For best results (to address more chronic digestive challenges or for deeper / more therapeutic cleansing) see recommendations as above.